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transferring fostering agency


If you are considering moving Fostering Agency, or want to transfer from the Local Authority you are with, then we would love to talk to you. There are lots of reasons foster carers decide to move, and we at Soundly understand that this is a big step and one that you want to get right. Making a change might feel worrying, we are happy to talk through your options and assist you in making an informed and sound decision.

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Some things to remember:

As a self-employed foster carer, you have the right to change agencies and work with whoever you feel is the best fit for you. The Fostering Network has designed a ‘transfer protocol’, which all agencies now work with when a foster carer wants to transfer agencies. For more information click here.

As part of the ‘transfer protocol’ it is made clear that any children already placed with you will not be disrupted in any way if transferring agencies. Here is some guidance about what to expect…

1. Speak to us – We will then tell you all about us and you decide if you want to proceed, it is your decision.

2. If you decide a move is right for you, you will need to tell your current agency that you are thinking about transferring (do not give in your resignation at this point) – once we know you have spoken to them, we will then make contact with them.

3. Next will be the ‘protocol transfer’ meeting, this will include: you, Soundly fostering, your current agency and any placing local authorities. Here we will agree the terms of the transfer.

4. You will then be contacted by us and we will get your assessment started and agree a panel date.

5. Once your assessment and checks are complete, we will present you to panel and they will make their recommendation. The agency decision maker will make their decision within 48 hours of panel meeting.

6. We will then confirm your transfer is complete and inform the appropriate people.

Do not worry, we will be here to walk you through the process and will be available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

For further details please call 01842 818793 or email us here

Transferring Fostering Agency