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Our commitment to you:

If you feel inspired to join Soundly Fostering, we will make a commitment to you, ensuring your fostering journey is supported and fulfilling. You will feel valued, heard and be part of a team, because together we can achieve amazing things.

We pride ourselves on being a small, family-focused fostering agency, who believe that we can offer the support, training, and insight you will need, to be the best foster carer you can be.

Joy and Kat agree that understanding and knowing every individual and family in the organisation personally, is an important part of creating a positive work and home environment, which recognises and celebrates everyone’s abilities.

Foster carers joining Soundly Fostering, will be supported to develop their resilience and build sound relationships with children, enabling them to offer nurturing and loving homes. It is for these reasons that we recognise the value of good, high quality, relevant and responsive support. We will ensure that there is always someone who knows you, at the end of the phone. We would like you to know that we are by your side and there for you.

We will tailor our support to you, your family and to the children who come and live with you and will always check in as to what you need and would like from us in order to be fully supported.

As a team we will work with honesty and respect, fostering soundly together.

We will provide you with:

⦁ A dedicated SSW
⦁ 24/7 support
⦁ Support groups
⦁ Family days out
⦁ Additional support as needed
⦁ Counselling service
⦁ Excellent fostering allowance

⦁ At least monthly supervision
⦁ Excellent training opportunities
⦁ Peer mentoring
⦁ Therapeutic support
⦁ Clinical supervision as required
⦁ Open door management policy
⦁ A fair and ethical agency

We will support you fully, both in times of challenges and times of achievement, working soundly side by side.

For further details please call 01842 818793 or email us here

Our Commitment | Soundly Fostering | Thetford | Norfolk