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About Soundly Fostering...

Soundly Fostering is an Independent Fostering Agency, established by Joy O’Brien-Miller and Katharina (Kat) Carter in 2021.

Joy and Kat have created a family-focused Agency, with a commitment to offering a bespoke and carefully tailored service, working therapeutically, valuing, and knowing our families and staff individually.

Kat and Joy started to develop our ethos for the Agency during the early months of the pandemic, when we, like many other people, reassessed our personal and working values. It quickly became clear, that we both wanted to continue supporting children and families, whilst working ethically, in an environment which values people for who they are. Since then, we have been driven by our wish to create an Agency, which is personal and equally supportive and nurturing for children, families, and staff.

We know that we would like carers working with us to feel understood, valued and to be well supported. When thinking about what this means, we agree that sound practice entails being committed to wellbeing across the Agency, honouring our ethos of open communication and therapeutic collaboration, whilst actively safeguarding the children in our care. We believe that when carers and staff feel valued and part of a team, they can provide better care for children and young people.

We would like all children and young people living with our families, to fully be part of the fostering family and our Agency. We will work hard to make sure they can experience respectful and loving relationships, are listened to, have positive opportunities and are able to join in with making decisions about their life.

Soundly Fostering is committed to being there for children and young people. Giving them opportunities to experience life in their fostering home in a way that accepts and allows them to develop at their own pace and that encourages their aspirations and identity to strengthen family connections.

We aim to work as a team with our families and Local Authorities, to soundly provide stable, nurturing homes for children and young people, for as long as they need them.

Kat and Joy firmly believe that by remaining small, family friendly, ethical and focused on you, we can achieve great outcomes for children together.

Soundly Fostering is based in Thetford and aims to work with hubs of carers, across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and beyond.

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Soundly by your side in your fostering journey…

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